sumitomo wex cutter I have a 1" diameter wex 3000 endmill running axmt acp300 inserts (medium duty) and i need to slot 1" wide, 1.98" deep, and 60" long in A36 mild steel. currently it is being done with a ajx cutter (Mitsubishi)but it takes forever and is extremely loud.
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The WEX Wave Mill Series offers insert end mills and shoulder milling cutters based on the successful Sumitomo Wave Mill concept. The wave shaped cutting edges generate lower cutting forces whilst the high shear cutting action ensures smooth reliable cutting even when deep slotting or milling with low rigidity machines.
WEX 3000E WEX 3000ES WEX 3000EL WEX 3000E-C WEX 3000ES-C WEX 3000F WEX 3000R WEXF 3000R Series Shape Cutter Diameter(mm) Type Standard type WEX 2000EL Long type WEX 2000E Standard type 25 φ10 φ25 φ40 φ63 φ80 φ125 63 14 40 14 63 25 40 40 63 50 63 50 63 40 63 40 63 80 125 80 125 Short type Long type Coarse pitched type Short, coarse ...
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Oct 15, 1996 · What is claimed is: 1. A grind-machining method of ceramic materials comprising grinding of ceramic materials using a grinding wheel, characterized in that a peripheral speed of a grinding wheel working surface is 50 to 300 m/sec and a feed stroke speed of said grinding wheel working surface in a working direction is 50 to 200 m/min. J-Tech Digital HDbitT Series 1X2 Wireless HDMI Extender 200ft Dual Antenna Supporting Full HD 1080p with HDMI Loop Output IR Passthrough Receiver Only [JTECH-WEX200R]: Computers & Accessories
Carbide end mills, carving tools, router bits, engraving tools and precision tool holders for machining wood, metal, plastic and composites

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